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All Lighthouse projects are bookended with design, from the initial meeting to the final night aiming and walk-thru. We begin the lighting design phase by listening to your ideas and dreams for your outdoor spaces. Your Lighthouse designer will discuss and identify the various unique opportunities and vantage points that exist on your property that speak directly to your goals. The design will often go through several revisions, punctuated by discussions about value engineering and a working timeline to make sure your budget and schedule are honored.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional residential design services
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional estate, commercial, and large scale design services


The Lighthouse Design Studio provides design services and various support offerings for our strategic partners in the several design disciplines which focus on the human and sensory experience of their clientele after dark. Our group provides simple assistance options for our partners as well as complete project design services, project implementation and management. We truly are the architect and designers’ best partner for enhancing their own projects and providing their clients with a remarkable experience.


Once the design is approved, the project manager leads the installation process. His goal is to regularly communicate the scheduling and daily expectations for the work being done and to oversee that the field technicians are completing the installation in line with Lighthouse lighting and audio installation standards. At the end of the project, the project manager completes a white glove, 20 point installation inspection to ensure the system is ready to be handed back over to the design team for final night aiming and fine tuning to dial in the final details of the design.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional installation services
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional legacy care maintenance services


Landscapes are dynamic environments that are always growing and changing. Your outdoor lighting system that was installed 2-3 years ago for a younger landscape may not be illuminating those trees and plant material as evenly or efficiently as it did when it was first installed. For this reason, Lighthouse created its LIGHTKEEPER365 preventive maintenance program to protect and keep your investment in outdoor lighting and audio performing flawlessly night after night.


Whether you’re entertaining friends or just having a quiet evening on the back porch with family, quality sound is an excellent way to enhance the outdoor living experience. Landscape lighting and outdoor audio were made to go together. One night you may be dancing to the radio under dazzling bistro lights and the next you might be kicking back on a dimly lit patio with a drink. A thoughtful acoustic design is the perfect compliment to outdoor lighting for an immersive audio-visual experience.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional audio system design and installation services
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional holiday and event design services


Take the hassle out of the holidays and keep your feet safely on the ground. Lighthouse knows how to make the seasons or your special event bright. From weddings to corporate events, our designers have the know-how and equipment to make your gathering a memorable. We work with you to understand your particular desires for each event or holiday occasion to create the perfect display with the right equipment.

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