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Lighthouse is known for its amazing lighting designs, however one very important aspect of the Lighthouse experience you may not have considered is the extra work we put into the system that lies under the ground that you don’t see.  Without a solid infrastructure to support the LEDs and luminaires placed around your property, the beauty and elegance of the night lighting would be short lived when it could begin to encounter issues from lack of planning, poor workmanship and inferior methods as you might discover from other low price companies that “install” landscape lighting.  Lighthouse builds their lighting systems to the highest national standards and are made to work trouble free with minimal cleaning and tune-ups for years.

Here are a few of the reasons why a Lighthouse designed lighting system is safer and more reliable than what is installed by other operators out there.



Since LEDs came into the landscape lighting marketplace back in 2007, the lack of industry education by manufacturers has led to a new generation of lighting installer that knows nothing about zoning out a lighting system and mitigating voltage loss leading to poor LED performance.  All Lighthouse designers are put through an intense training bootcamp and taught these important basic principles that have been ignored by most nowadays.  Lighting systems are often phased and many of the second and third phases will be carried on first phase infrastructure, so it’s critically important to understand how to plan ahead to save time, landscape disruption and cost to the client by being prepared for these future additions.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional maintenance and installation services solid planning



Lighthouse uses only products constructed out of cast brass, bronze, copper or stainless steel in an effort to provide products to our clients that are tough and able to withstand virtually all climatic and regional conditions that range from dry hot deserts, salty and blustery shorelines to the cold winter heights of the Rockies.

All systems require some cleaning and detail to keep looking their best, but using quality power centers and light fixtures made from these durable materials ensures your investment in lighting will have the best chance at surviving all that mother nature has to throw at it.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional maintenance and installation services professional equipment



It’s easy to get fixated on light fixtures, but it’s also important to remember that quality light fixtures are completely secondary to the quality of the light source itself that is being held in place by that fixture.  Everything we do as lighting designers rises and falls on the quality of the light source we are using.  If we use an LED with a low CRI (Color Rendering Index) the true colors of the objects that are reflecting the light from the LED may look muddy, desaturated or have an odd color hue that doesn’t reflect the true color of those objects as it should.

Lighthouse uses only LEDs with CRI levels of 95% or greater (museum quality) to provide clean, crisp and accurate light for all of our projects that have a high degree of color fidelity.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional maintenance and installation services reliable LEDs



By far the weakest and most vulnerable part of any outdoor lighting system are the connections made between the main circuit runs and the lead wires to each luminaire. Unlike other companies who daisy chain their light fixtures and utilize inferior connection products such as wire nuts to build out their lighting systems, Lighthouse takes a uniquely different approach to landscape lighting installation that is far more robust and less problematic for our clients.

WE DON’T USE WIRE NUTS. We opt instead for connections that utilize a solid copper crimp sleeve and a special tool that squeezes the crimp sleeve firmly onto the copper wire that can’t be pulled apart. This offers excellent strain relief for protection against tree roots putting stress on the cables which will lead to loose connections and potential fires and system failure. Finally, we encase our crimped connections in specialty tubes that house high temperature lithium grease that fully encapsulates and seals the bare copper from the elements, ensuring longevity and high performance in energy transfer throughout a system.

WE MINIMIZE THE NUMBER OF CONNECTIONS IN THE SYSTEM. Companies that daisy chain their lighting (wiring one fixture after another on a single line) need an individual connection point for each fixture. We already know that connections are the most common failure point in a lighting system and using this method creates 40 light fixture connections = 40 potential points of failure.  Lighthouse minimizes connection points by manufacturing our products with 25’ lead wires that allow us to group up to 7 light fixtures in a single connection rather than individually.  In a 40 light system, that’s only 6 connections compared to the 40 potential failure points in the daisy chain method most installers are using today.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional maintenance and installation services using the most reliable connections
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional maintenance and installation services using the most reliable connections



When a good team is finished with a lighting installation, it should result in little to no landscape disturbance (like we were never there).  This kind of installation is only achieved with proper planning, good technique and the right tools for the job.

Lighthouse trains all of its field technicians in the proper way to install cables and fixtures in the ground with the least amount of disruption possible.  Furthermore, our field technicians follow a 20 point installation checklist to ensure the installation is completed correctly and fully functional before they leave.  Equally as important is that we respect your home and property by leaving it clean, tidy and better than we found it when our vans leave the driveway.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio professional maintenance and installation services



The majority of our lighting installations take place on properties that have well established landscapes and hardscape structures such as patios, driveways and sidewalks that can be challenging to work around.  Getting power and cable in and around structures and hard surfaces can be a real challenge and most lighting installers will stay clear of those areas because they won’t have a solution for getting power to those critical areas.  As a result, their final lighting designs will look unbalanced and have the appearance of lights that are missing or burned out because they didn’t have the knowledge and experience to be able to address those hard areas so that the overall design is not compromised.

Lighthouse on the other hand has some of the most forward-thinking technicians in the industry today that can provide a solution for virtually any obstacle standing between ordinary and extraordinary.  Lighthouse also has a large family of technicians across the country that openly communicate with each other and collaborate on site challenges they may face.  This is the strength and advantage of Lighthouse for you.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio installation services creative problem solving

When it comes to building quality lighting systems that last, you can count on Lighthouse.

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