Landscape Lighting Design, Installation, Maintenance & Audio
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Landscape Lighting Design

A thoughtful and well-conceived landscape lighting design will add warmth and elegance to your home.  At Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio of Delaware, we believe lighting design is vitally important. There’s an art to it.

It’s about painting with light, using the right beam spread, the right wattage of the bulb, the right color temperature, all those things to create the effect that the customer wants, and the design starts with the customer.  Our certified outdoor lighting designers listen to what you want.

State-of-the-Art Low Voltage LED Outdoor Lighting


A landscape lighting installation is a great investment for your home and it should be done by a professional. Lighthouse designs and manufactures our own fixtures and equipment to ensure lasting quality.

Every Lighthouse Outdoor Living® lighting installation is done with painstaking care to leave your home and property looking great.  Our goal is always that “Wow Factor” and complete customer satisfaction.

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Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty
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System Maintenance & Repair

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting and Audio of Delaware offers landscape lighting service, repair, and maintenance on any outdoor lighting system.  We also do upgrades or retrofits with the latest in low voltage LED technology.

Every new installation includes a one-year maintenance program at no additional cost. A lifetime warranty is provided for every Lighthouse Outdoor Living® fixture and power supply.

Custom Outdoor Audio Design & Installation

Outdoor Audio Installations

Adding an outdoor audio system adds the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor living space. Our custom audio installations are designed to maximize sound performance and minimize sound projection to adjacent properties.

With a state-of-the-art sound system, you can enjoy uniform volume levels throughout your entire property or your more intimate outdoor living spaces.

Connect wirelessly, stream music, listen to the game while you grill, and enjoy audio the way it’s meant to be heard.

Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Audio & Holiday Lighting in Delaware 

Meet the Owner

Ben Merritt is a family man who enjoys outdoors, skateboarding, and running the dog. Creativity is a valued attribute, as well as being a pragmatic problem solver. With experience in hardscaping, lighting became a necessity for safety and aesthetics. Just like shaping stone, light can be controlled to serve a major purpose and give layers of function to an outdoor area. Ben looks at light as a medium to accomplish different goals, to allow the opportunity to enjoy our outdoor spaces long after the sun goes down. With an emphasis on individualized service, Ben hopes to create personalized designs for to his clients needs.

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