Landscape and Architectural Lighting are the Best Deterrent to Home Invasion
Most people invest in outdoor lighting for their home because it makes their home and property beautiful, but did you know one of the primary benefits landscape lighting produces is a home and property that is much more secure?  It is a proven statistical fact that a family with a well illuminated home will be far less likely to suffer the trauma and danger of a home invasion.  Thoughtfully designed architectural lighting is far more effective than eave mounted floodlights for security for a few key reasons:

  1. Landscape lighting is designed to illuminate the façade of a home around windows and doors which naturally makes the dark spaces around doors and windows much more visible.  The dark hiding places behind tall, shadowed shrubs and greenery are virtually eliminated, allowing no place for a burglar to hide in comfort.
  2. Soft recessed lighting which is designed into the aesthetics of the architectural lighting plan, will naturally illuminate dark corners, basement window wells, doorways and lower-level windows which present an opportunity for easy entrance into the home.
  3. Homes that are consistently lit at night will keep opportunistic burglars at the street and on the move by presenting a difficult challenge.  Burglars are cowardly and do not like to risk exposure and will therefore choose easier targets that provide a cover of darkness for approach and hiding.

A well-conceived and thoughtful outdoor lighting plan that includes architectural and landscape lighting is an investment that will pay dividends in the form of beauty and protection for your family.  Call a Lighthouse Lighting Designer today for an on-site consultation and side evaluation to determine the best plan for your home.

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