Fairyland Is Just Beyond Your Windowsill (Lighthouse Landscape Lighting®)
Top Rated Landscape Lighting Company in Verona, NJ

Continuing an innovative tradition of landscape lighting with a history that dates back to the 1920s.

Lighthouse Landscape Lighting® is not just in the business of illuminating outdoor spaces; they are in the business of transforming ordinary backyards into enchanting realms of beauty and imagination. This commitment to reimagining outdoor spaces at night is deeply rooted in the history of landscape lighting, dating back to the visionary inventor, J. Frank Nightingale, in the early 20s.

Nightingale’s first product catalog of light fixtures depicted a family gazing from their home into a magically illuminated garden. The caption read, “fairyland is just beyond your windowsill.” This captivating vision still holds true today with Lighthouse Landscape Lighting®.

Like Nightingale, Lighthouse Landscape Lighting® understands that outdoor spaces have the potential to become something extraordinary after dark. With their expertise in landscape lighting, they create scenes that evoke wonder and imagination. Whether it’s accentuating the beauty of a lush garden, illuminating architectural features, or crafting an inviting ambiance for gatherings, Lighthouse Landscape Lighting® goes beyond illumination; they create magical experiences.

By transforming outdoor spaces into enchanting realms, Lighthouse Landscape Lighting® helps homeowners rediscover the beauty of their own gardens and yards, turning them into places where dreams come to life. In the tradition of J. Frank Nightingale, they continue to inspire homeowners to see that “fairyland is just beyond their windowsills,” waiting to be discovered in the gentle glow of carefully designed landscape lighting.


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