5 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Install Outdoor Lighting

With the onset of winter now upon us, the cooler temperatures are beginning to push more of us indoors, bundled up by the fireplace. When it’s cold outside, it can be hard to get motivated to tackle many of those outside items on our wish lists. However, winter time is the perfect time to consider moving forward with that outdoor lighting project that has been on your list. Here are a few reasons to consider:

1.  Winter is DARK!

With winter comes much fewer hours of daylight, and a good deal of our time spent awake is in those darker hours. A thoughtful, well-designed lighting plan will make your home much more inviting and will make steps and pathways safer as you leave and return home from work in the dark hours of the day.

2.  Go Outside, Without Leaving the Couch

Normally in winter, we pull our blinds shut because its dark outside and the reflections in the windows from the light in our homes, makes it nearly impossible to see outside anyway. By bringing light into the garden and framing the views outside through your picture windows, you will find yourself dimming the lights inside the house and being pulled visually out into the garden areas to the winter splendor in the garden.

3.  Experience the Magic of Winter

Your garden and landscape are already beautiful in the summer, spring and fall with all the colorful foliage and flowers, but are mostly ignored when everything goes dormant for the season (if you live in the north). One of my very favorite things about outdoor lighting is how it shows off your landscape in the winter. One of my very favorite things is to turn the lights off inside my house and sit and look out my windows into the yard as a winter storm blows through. It is a tranquil experience as I sit transfixed, watching the soft, billowy snowflakes gently tumble and fall through the beams of light onto the ground, or to see the snow build up on the limbs of our trees that are illuminated, making them appear as if they are outlined in silver. It truly is magical.

4.  Avoid the Holiday Blues

We all love holiday lights over the Christmas season, but when all the lights come down in January, there are still several months of darkness and cold temperatures. Many of our customers know that having a good lighting system in place when those temporary lights come down is a great way to fight back those post-holiday blues.

5.  Get a Jump on Your Summer

Getting your lighting system installed in a season when your outdoor spaces are utilized to a lesser extent, is a great way to get a jump on the coming outdoor living season. Everybody wants their projects done when the weather begins to warm up a bit, but installation schedules can get backed up quickly.
A thoughtfully crafted lighting system is something that can be fully enjoyed year-round. Contact us today and start seeing your home and property in a whole new light.

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