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Outdoor Lighting Services in Springboro, OH

Outdoor Lighting Services in Springboro, OH

The Lighthouse Group is the number one choice for outdoor lighting services in Springboro, OH. We supply, install, and maintain high quality outdoor lighting systems for homeowners throughout the area, helping them showcase the beauty of their property from day into night. Joe Austin, a passionate outdoor lighting specialist, leads a team of experienced designers and technicians out of our Sprinboro office. From practical illumination for walkways and outdoor living spaces to decorative lighting throughout your yard, we tailor the design of your outdoor lighting system to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Contact us today for a free consultation with an outdoor lighting specialist in Springboro, OH.

Landscape Lighting Installation in Springboro, OH

Our outdoor lighting systems in Springboro, OH, are complete with fixtures, cables, connectors, controls, and a power center. We take care of setting up each component for convenient and easy control. We supply Springboro homeowners with only the best light fixtures made from durable and weather resistant materials. The LED lights in found in each fixture provide energy-efficient illumination, minimizing your system’s impact on electric costs.

While most other lighting companies use wire nuts to connect large lighting systems, we take a more secure approach with solid copper crimp sleeves. These sleeves are much more resistant to strain and tree roots, mitigating the risk of system failure. Throughout our years in the industry, The Lighthouse Group has optimized our approach to outdoor lighting installations. Our process guarantees the most efficient and easy-to-maintain landscape lighting systems in Springboro, OH.

Landscape Lighting Installation in Springboro, OH
Outdoor Lighting Systems in Springboro, OH

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in Springboro, OH

Beyond aesthetic appeal, there are a number of additional benefits that come with the installation of an outdoor lighting system in Springboro, OH. In 2018, the New York Police Department and Housing Authority collaborated on a study that tested the effects of outdoor lighting on crime rates. The homes provided with outdoor lighting in this trial saw a 39% reduction in crime.

A well-lit exterior serves as a psychological deterrent for intruders and can lower your chances of a break-in. Additionally, our outdoor lighting systems improve accessibility, enabling you and your guests to safely navigate your property after dark. Get in touch with our team to see how your home can benefit from an outdoor lighting installation in Springboro, OH.





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