Should you Add Color to Your Landscape?

Color changing lights have been a trend for a few years and are popular with outdoor venues that are used a lot for entertaining or are highly visual such as resorts and large commercial properties.  This trend has even spilled over into the backyard spaces of residential neighborhoods.  So, is this something you should consider?  To answer this question, you will have to analyze a few things about your property and how you use it.

-Do you entertain often in your outdoor spaces- this trend in lighting is used to add a party type atmosphere and doesn’t really show off your home or landscape in the best light but does add a variety of different looks.

-Are you good with apps and digital user interfaces?  These color changing programs can be a bit clunky to setup and control, but if your fairly tech savvy, you should have no problem.

-Is your budget capable of the upcharge?  Good color changing lighting systems will generally add 2-3 times to the cost of static white outdoor lighting system, so if your shopping for a color changing, outdoor lighting system design, you must ask yourself if the cost is justified for how often you will use the system.  

From our experience, while color changing systems are fun, they generally never get the use in a residential setting that you would see in a resort or commercial setting.  Most buyers resort to static white lights for much of the time because it shows off the home and landscape better in their natural color state, which is always beautiful at night.

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