vail mountain home

Vail Mountain Home

This Vail retreat is beautifully illuminated to show off every square inch of this Edwards, Colorado property in The Club at  Cordillera.

Our client wanted architectural lighting to highlight the lovely features of the house, garage, and elegant driveway. Nightscaping bollards cast beautiful light patterns across the driveway and walkway. Step lighting guides you safely up the steps to the front of the home.

The client wanted to illuminate and highlight the beautiful landscaping throughout the property. Some of the features included pillar lighting on the deck, recessed lighting over the porch, uplighting on the home, and wash lighting on trees.

The results are stunning and our customer is so happy! Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Vail covered it all.

Landscape Lighting by:
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Vail

Owner: Mark Nall

Phone: 970-236-1567

Photography:  Mark Nall

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Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Vail

Vail, CO

Owner:  Mark Nall

(970) 236-1567

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