Stately Red Brick Home

Stately Red Brick Home

This lovely, two-story brick home, located in Des Moines Iowa, is illuminated using LED up lights. Attention was given to the lighting design to ensure that the corner coins and limestone details in the archways and columns were featured prominently in the overall design of the home illumination.

This stately home is also surrounded by large trees that frame the home, so it was important to illuminate these in a manner that helped us to visually link the home with the surrounding landscaping.

Landscape Lighting by:
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Des Moines
Des Moines, IA

Manager: Kodi Robinson

Phone: (515) 207-9961

Photography:  Tim Ryan

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Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Des Moines 

Manager: Mark Nall

(515) 207-9961

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