Shaker Home

Shaker Home

This beautiful, two-story shaker home located just outside Baltimore, Maryland is softly illuminated using low voltage, LED lighting. The home presented many challenges for the designer due to its dark shingle siding and the deeply setback, 2nd story roofline.

Lighting from the ground illuminates the columns and lighter colored soffit and gable details of the home, while the shingles tend to absorb more of the lighting, lending itself to a more understated finish.

Small wash lights were added just above the 1st floor gutter line to gently add a touch of light on the 2nd floor setback and dormer to complete the design. Path lighting was added along the walkway to guide guests safely to the front door.

Landscape Lighting by:
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD

Manager: Derrick Jantzi

Phone: (410) 452-7092

Photography:  Tim Ryan

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