Landscape Lighting & Walkway

Landscape Lighting & Walkway

This beautiful Essex Falls home has some unique details that needed to have some attention in the dark hours of the night. We applied subtle up-lighting to the stone facade, wood carriage doors and the creeping ivy that was making its way up the walls.

The home has lots of old world charm that really comes to life after dark. We balanced the lighting of the home with some pathway lighting to lead guests along the pathway from the parking area to the front door safely. We also illuminated a few trees to add some vertical dimension in the landscape for balance with the house.

Evening entertaining is very important to this family so we added tiki lighting around the pool so this family can enjoy their property after the sun goes down.  

Landscape Lighting by:
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Northern NJ

Owner: Jason Sponzilli

Phone: (973) 241-3008

Photography:  Tim Ryan

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Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Northern New Jersey

Owner: Jason Sponzilli
(973) 241-3008

NJ State Electrical Contractor
License # 34E801728700

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