lake of the Ozarks
Vacation Property

Lake of the Ozarks - Vacation Property

This stunning 14,000 sq. ft. vacation property is located on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, was designed by Ted Vanloo and installed by his team at Lighthouse of Central Missouri. This amazing project was broken into five primary scenes and a total of 21 secondary scenes. The project demanded the use of all landscape lighting techniques known throughout the professional lighting community and many proprietary techniques known only by certified Master Lighthouse Designers. This artistic lighting design project also includes a breathtaking view of the waterfront and the house from the lake, with pool lighting and a stunning lighted waterfall. Fixtures used for this design came from Lighthouse Manufacturing and Nightscaping®. Both manufacturers are wholly owned by Lighthouse Outdoor Living®.

Landscape Lighting by:
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Jefferson City, MO

Owner: Ted VanLoo

Phone:  573-260-4272

Photography:  Tim Ryan

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Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Jefferson City

Manager: Ted VanLoo

(573) 260-4272

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