Lighthouse Mini Wash Light – Small Fixture, Big Effects
At Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting, we specify and use a lot of different LEDs and fixture types to fit the task of a diverse range of lighting effect needs.  One of our favorite fixtures is the compact mini wash light.  This particular fixture has a ton of uses when a soft accent effect is desired with less light output.  These fixtures are a solid cast brass material with a darker bronze finish to blend into its surroundings in the landscape.  The Lighthouse mini wash light is utilized by our designers in some of the following ways:

  1. Wall Washing- soft grazing or washing light against brick or stone walls.  This fixture comes equipped with a variety of lensing options allowing our designers to affix the proper lens for each particular lighting need.
  1. Feature lighting- For garden statuary, decorative planters or art in the garden, the wide and gentle output of the light from this fixture is an ideal choice for creating drama or intrigue in the nooks and corners of the garden.
  1. Dormers and architectural features- This fixture is often used to add a splash of light on 2nd and 3rd story dormers and architectural details of a home to complete the overall illumination balance of the home.
  1. Concealed sources- These lights can also be mounted under benches to create a soft glow under a seating area and add needed illumination across a deck space for safety and convenience.

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