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Lighting Deck Steps Properly

Lighting Design Techniques

Safety is always priority #1 for us when designing outdoor landscape lighting systems.  Steps leading from a deck to a yard can be some of the most dangerous areas to negotiate in the dark, especially if you are a guest and not as familiar with the property.  Some deck companies will sell lighting packages with …

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Tree Mounted Lighting – Preventative Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance

Moonlighting; an effect that is achieved by placing lights high in the canopies of trees and pointing them to the ground through branches and leaves to create a dappled, moonlight effect on the ground below. This is a very beautiful lighting technique, but one which requires a degree of preventative maintenance to protect the integrity of the lighting equipment and the tree on which it sits.

Lighting Art/Statuary in the Garden Space

Lighting Design Techniques

When designing an overall lighting plan for a garden space or an outdoor living area, one should always consider pieces of art or garden statuary in their designs. Art pieces are very personal and subjective items that are presented in all shapes, sizes and colors and will be as varied as the tastes of our …

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Landscape and Architectural Lighting are the Best Deterrent to Home Invasion

Why Lighthouse?

Most people invest in outdoor lighting for their home because it makes their home and property beautiful, but did you know one of the primary benefits landscape lighting produces is a home and property that is much more secure?  It is a proven statistical fact that a family with a well illuminated home will be far less likely to suffer the trauma and danger of a home invasion.  Thoughtfully designed architectural lighting is far more effective than eave mounted floodlights for security for a few key reasons:

Lighthouse Mini Wash Light – Small Fixture, Big Effects

Lighting Design Techniques

At Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting, we specify and use a lot of different LEDs and fixture types to fit the task of a diverse range of lighting effect needs.  One of our favorite fixtures is the compact mini wash light.  This particular fixture has a ton of uses when a soft accent effect is desired with …

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Lighting Design – Objects or Artistry?

Why Lighthouse?

In the day and age we currently live in, low cost, easy to acquire product is all over the internet. So, why would a client value the services of a specialized lighting design company over simply purchasing light fixtures, power centers and all of the accessories needed to install a lighting system, and then install it themselves? The answer to this question is really quite simple. Let me explain this more clearly using a few examples.

Top 5 Things to Know About Landscape Lighting for Your Business

Lighting Design Techniques

When installing landscape lighting for your business, these are the top five things to know about illuminating your space:

Outdoor Lighting Winter Maintenance Tips

Lighting Maintenance

Outdoor lighting not only beautifully illuminates your home, it’s also provides safety and security. Winter can wreak havoc on your outdoor lighting system. But, with a few preventive maintenance measures, you can protect your outdoor lighting from costly or hazardous damage. Let’s look at a few outdoor lighting winter maintenance tips.

Best Areas of Your Landscape to Shine a Light On

Lighting Design Techniques

When it comes to highlighting some of the best features of your landscape, it’s important to choose areas that really draw the eye in. Whether it’s the front of your property or an outdoor living space in your backyard, you can enhance your favorite aspects with outdoor lighting.

Smart Control Panel Adjusting Lights

Lighting Controls for Outdoor Lighting- A Good Value?

Lighting Design Techniques

Over the past 5 years, I’ve seen a couple exterior lighting manufacturers jump solidly into the lighting controls game. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to purchasing lighting systems with extensive controllability. My purpose here is to help you decide if a system with extensive control features is right for you and worth the investment, or if more basic functions will suffice.

LED vs Solid State Lighting

Solid State vs. LED Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting – Which is Best

Why Lighthouse?

Since the introduction of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) into the low voltage lighting scene, manufacturers have created two distinctly different lines of products for the outdoor lighting industry. They are solid state lighting and LED replacement lamps. Let’s take a brief look at solid state vs LED bulbs for outdoor lighting.

Brick Home with Professional Holiday Lighting

Reap the Benefits of Professional Holiday Lighting!

Lighting Design Techniques

There’s something about seeing your property all decked out in festive holiday lighting that just feels good. It’s like the entire landscape has had a facelift. The problem many of us face is finding the time to hang the lights, staying safe while doing so, and implementing the design you have visualized. Reap the rewards of professional holiday lighting and let the magic of the season begin.

Example of Moonlighting - a Landscape Lighting Technique

The Benefits of Moonlighting for Your Outdoor Space

Lighting Design Techniques

So many business and homeowners desire to light their property at night. But many conventional light sources create a harsh glare that isn’t conducive to ambiance or curb appeal.

Top Tips for Illuminating Your Front Entry

Lighting Design Techniques

What feature can you add to the exterior of your home to improve safety, increase security, and add curb appeal? The answer lies in front entry lighting. The hardest part is choosing the right fixtures and placing them where they’ll do the most good.

Landscape Lighting Adds Drama to Water Features

Outdoor Living

There are many benefits to adding a water feature to your property. Whether a flowing stream, cascading waterfall, or reflective pond, these elements bring beauty and value to your home or business. But don’t neglect to give it the finishing touch. Landscape lighting adds drama to water features and brings the night to life by enhancing your lifestyle with light

Landscape Liaghting Design Looks Like a Work of Art

Breathing Life into a Dying Art – Landscape Lighting

Lighting Design Techniques

The Artistry of Landscape Lighting The process of using concealed luminaires in the landscape to reveal the living works of art all around us at night, has been around since 1933 when the pioneer inventor of landscape lighting,

Home with Finished Landscape Lighting Design at Night

What’s in a Landscape Lighting Design

Lighting Design Techniques

With the advent of the LED (Light Emitting Diode) into the landscape lighting market, we in the lighting design field have seen a tsunami of dirt cheap, low quality lighting equipment flood our retail stores and on-line shopping outlets over the past several years.

Outdoor Lighting Bollard by Pool

Turn Lighting into Art – Lighthouse Light Bollards

Dramatic Shadow Patterns

Lighthouse is one of Nightscaping’s® top landscape lighting installers in the country for their Cor-Ten steel outdoor lighting bollards.

Lighted Redbud Tree by a Patio

Some of Our Favorite Trees to Light

Dramatic Shadow Patterns

In an illuminated landscape at night, trees are by far the most popular of subjects within the garden space and reign as the supreme sentinels of the landscape.

Landscape Lighting Contractor Testing Controller

Which Controller is Right for You

Lighting Maintenance

When you meet with a certified, Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting® designer, you can rest assured that they are going to ask all the right questions and listen to make sure they understand your needs, desires and expectations.

Outdoor Living Space for Parties

Lighting for your Backyard Party or Event

Lighting Design Techniques

Whether you plan on hosting an intimate patio dinner party, or an elaborate backyard wedding, the right lighting is critical to a successful affair. Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting is a fantastic strategy to ensure the right atmosphere for any event, so it can last well into the evening hours.

Downlighting on Pathway and Steps

Path Lighting Alternatives

Lighting Design Techniques

If you’ve spent much time driving around suburban neighborhoods or walking the dog on countless sidewalks, then you have no doubt noticed a wide array of path lighting options in just about every shape and size imaginable.

Landscape Lighting Designer Working on Design

Lighthouse Lighting Design Center

Lighting Design Techniques

Lighthouse is the premier outdoor lighting company in the country offering our customers full access to the Lighthouse Design Center.

Latest Trends in Landscape Lighting for Every Season

Lighting Design Techniques

The popular indoor-outdoor lifestyle does not stop at nightfall. Whether it is your attractive backyard, stunning home, or a professional building, lighting can be an important tool in transforming your space to create a memorable atmosphere.

Landscape Lighting Design | Dramatic Shadows

Dramatic Shadow Patterns

With the use of dramatic shadows, landscape lighting projects move from simple architectural and green scape highlighting to full blown works of art.

Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting New Jersey

Master Designers

Do you ever look at your yard and think it needs a little something to help it stand out in the neighborhood? Wish your properties beautiful details

Meet Heath Myrick, Knoxville, TN

Master Designers

Heath Myrick, a master lighting designer, is the owner-operator of the Lighthouse® Outdoor Lighting franchise located in Knoxville, TN. Heath’s attention

Meet Russ Bergeman, Denver, CO

Master Designers

Russ Bergeman, a master lighting designer, is the owner-operator of the Lighthouse® Outdoor Lighting franchise located in Denver, CO. Russ’ passion and

Meet Ted VanLoo, Jefferson City, MO

Master Designers

Ted VanLoo, a master lighting designer, is the owner-operator of the Lighthouse® Outdoor Lighting franchise located in Jefferson City, MO. Ted’s

Meet Jeff Reardon, Nashville, TN

Master Designers

Jeff Reardon, a master lighting designer, is the owner-operator of the Lighthouse® Outdoor Lighting franchise located in Nashville, TN. Jeff’s passion for

Meet Jason Sponzilli, Morristown

Master Designers

Jason Sponzilli, a master lighting designer, is the owner-operator of the Lighthouse® Outdoor Lighting franchise located in Morristown, NJ. As a member of

How to Hire an Outdoor Lighting Design/Installer

Lighting Design Techniques

Choosing the most
qualified outdoor lighting designer/installer is one of the single most important decision you will make

Architectural Lighting

Lighting Design Techniques

In today’s world of lighting design, how do we define architectural lighting as it pertains to low-voltage lighting? In its purest sense, it is lighting with the

Incorporating Down Lighting into Architecture

Lighting Design Techniques

Most of the architectural lighting done today is performed through the use of in-ground or directional up lighting or wall grazing. While this is

Understanding the Color of Light

Lighting Design Techniques

It is very interesting sometimes when talking to our potential clients, just how fixated they become with the shape, size and finish of light fixtures. While this

The Hidden Dangers of “Box Store” Lighting

Lighting Maintenance

We have all walked into one of our local “big box” do-it-yourself home centers to find that quick part or tool we needed to get that Honey-Do list job done

How to Keep Your Lighting System Looking Great for Years

Lighting Maintenance

Nothing is as exciting as seeing your new lighting system on the first night its switched on and discovering just how truly dramatic the changes are

Installing outdoor Lights

Can’t My Landscaper Just Install My Lights?

Lighting Maintenance

This topic should probably be prefaced with “SHOULD” my landscaper or grass cutter install my landscape lighting? Most homeowners assume that

5 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Living

With the onset of winter now upon us, the cooler temperatures are beginning to push more of us indoors, bundled up by the fireplace. When it’s cold

5 Ways a Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting® System is More Effective than “Do-it-Yourself” Lights

Why Lighthouse?

5 ways -A Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting® system is more effective than “Do-it-Yourself” lights To some, installing landscape lighting in your yard might seem

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