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Joe Orrender

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Hello and welcome to Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Ohio Valley.  Over a decade ago, I launched Lighthouse Landscape Lighting here in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.  The name was recently changed to Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting.

 After over 2,000 lighting designs & installs, I am happy to say that we are the highest rated outdoor lighting company in the area.  I love to design lighting systems that bring your home, landscaping or business property to life after dark.  Our installers and service technicians take a lot of pride in the quality of their work.

Nothing makes me feel better than a thank you card or a phone call from a new customer thanking us for our lighting work.  It used to be that the very best companies treated their customers like friends.  At Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Ohio Valley we try to follow this same proven philosophy.

I would love to work with you on your lighting project.  I would be happy to meet with you personally and based on your personal preferences and desires provide a lighting system that is specifically designed for your property.  Just give me a call.


Joe Orrender, Owner/Designer

Joe Orrender


Don't just take our word for it...

Shawn H. a customer from Liberty TWP says

The company was very thorough. They’ve got excellent systems. They did a good job cleaning after themselves. They were a very professional company and I really enjoyed how they kept us informed of the work being performed.

Mario P. a customer from Mason says

They did an excellent job! I was very pleased with their work, and I can easily recommend them to others.

Richard S. a customer from Cincinnati says

Designed and installed landscape lighting in front and side yards. Trees gardens and house were illuminated. Installation took two days. Yard size: 1/2 acre.
Member Comments: 
Lighthouse Landscape Lighting installed professional, high quality metal low voltage lighting in our yard to replace plastic Malibu lighting purchased from Home Depot. We always had some kind of issue with our do-it-yourself outdoor lighting including water leakage and bulb replacement. Our new timer is set to turn lights on and off based on a GPS system. The lights know when it is sunset and turn on at the right time regardless of the time of year. Just set it and forget it.  Our new lights are in the right spots to showcase our property. The shape, size and wattage was tailored for the each location. No hot spots! Great, knowledgeable and experienced  people.

Dave C. a customer from Cincinnati says

We elected to have outdoor landscape lighting for the front, side (we live on a corner lot thus more exposed frontage) and tree-line area in our back yard. Different types of lighting (LED vs. Halogen; focused vs. diffused light pattern) were used dependent upon the area to be illuminated. This also involved having an additional electrical source installed for the back yard (separate installer did thi) and provision made for access to the electrical supply in the front yard area.
Member Comments: 
Joe Orrender does a very good, thorough job on his installation and set up. He works to keep the disruption to the yard and landscaping to a minimum and then reviews how all systems have been installed and how they work. He gave us the option to have the timing cycles set to whatever modality we wanted, thus we opted for all night illumination for security purposes. Very pleased with how Joe handled the entire process. Would definitely recommend Joe and Lighthouse Landscape Lighting and am considering expanding upon what has already been installed.

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